1848 in November (+ new tokens set)

We got the news that 1848 will be shipped in November. I can’t wait to put it on my shelf. We wrote about this title many times on our blog:
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and a few more…

This game introduces many interesting unique solutions, so you have to set yourself up for completely new impressions and it is one of my favorite ones.

This title will be produced without wooden tokens, but we got permission from GMT to prepare our own set of tokens and stickers.
Unfortunately, there will be a few differences from the old edition:

  • Commonwealth Railways will be tan (was grey), the kangaroo in the picture is also a bit different;
  • Federal Territory Railway will be light blue (was blue);
  • South Australian Railway will be fuchsia (was violet);
  • New South Wales will be gold (was orange);
  • private companies have a new picture on their tokens;
  • all tokens dedicated to use on the stock market will be double-sided with the crossed version on the bottom;
  • the back side of all stations will have a different logo;
  • CAR will have one station more;

The new set will be ready soon (probably today, November 5). We also received information that the size of the box is the same as for the 1862 game, so we prepared a set of perfectly matching trays with tiles stickers.

Everything is ready to buy in our store: https://cube4me.com/product/1848/

We will share the final effect when the game will be delivered to us… 

More news soon…

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  1. I guess this is a good reason not to order early… unfortunately I ordered the set you had earlier with another order (awaiting this new release) and I should have just waited I guess.. o well.

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