Our new shop is open!

Cube4me is our new brand. Our store has been systematically developing, we have more and more articles, more and more things not only for 18xx games, but also for all other board games. That’s why we decided to move so that we could offer you all the things you have already known, but also much, much more. This new store is one of our secret projects.
The quality you know from Rails on Boards, for which we get so many thanks from you, will now be available at Cube4me.com

And I hope we’ll continue to get lists like the one below. They are our greatest joy and we thank you very much for each of them:

  • It’s official, you’ve blown me away. I didn’t think you made the stock / options tokens for the 1854 game after our discussion earlier this month. Yet here they are. They came out even better than I expected !!
  • As for the product – it looks great! Such a great care in the packing! I really appreciate that level of it. I’m not sure how I can make it up to you. Firstly, I’m going just to return the other order you sent. Secondly, I will be bragging about your great customer service and wonderful product whenever I can on bgg or facebook. Thirdly, I will be a returning customer (albeit with an expectation that the shipping delay will likely bed be my own crazy postal service).
  • I just got the added tokens for the updated 1849 pack. An unexpected treat. Your team really goes above and beyond. Thanks so much. As soon as the new trays come , you can certainly expect a sizable order from me. Keep up the good work and excellent customer service. You have a lifelong customer for sure.

The second reason is that our blog was created to promote 18xx games, not every product in our store. At the beginning, we wanted to find players in Poland, but it quickly turned out that people all over the world translate our texts from Polish into English, because so far there has been nothing like it, no one wrote about 18xx so often and no one put so much passion and commitment. Our idea quickly exceeded our expectations, we still have different ideas for the future and we would like this blog to continue to develop. We promote not only our games and products but also all other publishers. That’s why we want to separate the store from the blog. Not everyone wants to read that we offer a new color of pawns, but everyone will surely read our first impressions of the game with the new 18xx title.

The third reason is that with the new storefront, new challenges arise, including increased responsibility for your data and its storage. The previous store was based on a simple order form, while the Cube4me store is a large platform that allows you to register, view your order history, cart, etc.

The old store will continue to operate. For some products, it is very practical and ordering disks or cubes in it is very simple, but there are many more differences between these platforms, here are a few of them:

  • shopping cart: we missed this solution a lot in Rails on Boards shop. Now you can add products to the shopping cart, browse the store, view photos, add more products and finally order them. Note: products are not reserved after being added to the cart, so don’t wait too long with your order;)
  • payments: in CUBE4ME, the payment is available immediately after ordering, it is a very practical solution, thanks to which you will get your order faster. In Rails on Boards, you can order a product and wait with the payment (e.g. for payday). This, in turn, is a good solution if something in the assortment is running out and you want to be sure that you will not miss an opportunity to buy it.
  • shipping price: in Rails on Boards, shipping costs are averaged for everyone and everyone pays the same amount. Sometimes this causes problems and we have to explain that we are not able to send the parcel to Taiwan by courier because it costs several times more than the entire order. We resigned with this solution at CUBE4ME. In the new store, we have introduced separate shipping regions and the costs are identical to our own. Thus, shipments to Australia and Asia have increased in price, but are lower to all European countries.
  • free add-ons: until now, you could only add one of our free add-ons to your order. Now in the new store, all additions have been beautifully described and they are connected with individual titles. They are not free anymore, but they cost a few cents only 🙂

These are just the basic differences, check the new platform yourself.

We hope you will place the same trust in us as before. Our store has not changed the owner and your packages and orders will still be packed and signed by the same people.

We are still working on the second project, it is close to completion and its promotion will start soon. It will be addressed to all boardgames lovers and that is why we will write about it only once in Rails on Boards. Something like this has not happened yet and therefore it is an additional exciting event for us.


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  1. Nice shop. The wooden animals are super cute.

    The link for 1849 set-up gallery doesn’t work.

    Are you still planning extra-low trays, or have they been replaced by no-lid? I worry that tiles will fall out of no-lid if I keep my game boxes standing up.

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