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Only 2 days left to use promo code HELLOCUBE4ME to get a 20% discount. Visit our new shop: 

New ones:

Full list of new products you can find here:

The 18CZ game tray set recommended by us has changed, the new set is available in the CUBE4ME.
Because a few more stickers are needed for the new set, then if you have not applied your stickers yet, we have prepared a special set to extend them.
To 18CZ we need to change the size of the tokens, instead of cylinders to mark the revenue, there will be 15mm disks that will fit in the recommended tray set:

As soon as possible we will add photos of new sets here:
But please give us a few day’s time.

Small trays for cards:

Unfortunately, we will not be able to produce them this month, we promise that as soon as they appear in the store, they will certainly have a very attractive price at the beginning.

Preorders shipping:

All preorders will be processed next week, but both the printing house and the tray manufacturer are delayed. We will do our best to get your orders to you as soon as possible.




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