How to buy 18Korea?

Last time I wrote that only campaign for korean players will be available, but many people are asking designers how to get that game before it will hit Kickstarter (designers wish run it in 2022), and they allow non-Korean players to buy that. To do so, you need to contact them directly using email or their Instagram (

Please note, that it will be Korean version and for the foreigners, they’ll provide translations in english for asset cards and the rulebook.

1x 18Korea box: 63$
1x 18Korea expansion: 17$
Shipping for 1 copy: ~30$

So it’s about 110$ to get your own 18Korea copy.

Important: 18Korea is available at a discounted price (63$+17$) only until November 10, 2021. Then price will be 84$ for base game and 22$ for expansion.


Important: Just to be honest with you – we won’t get any commisions if you buy 18Korea. It’s transaction between you and 18Korea designers. If you want to support us, you can do it in 2 ways: by Patreon and/or buying 18xx stuff from cube4me.



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