One Box for Each Company: New and Amazing Set for 1817 & 18USA

We’re excited to introduce a recently developed set for the two major economic titles: 1817 and 18USA. Each set includes a dedicated box for every company! This has been a much-requested addition, and after a long wait, we’re thrilled to deliver. Inside each set, you’ll find over 20 small boxes. These differ slightly, as 18USA has more tokens and the maps boast distinct shapes. The differences mainly concern the additional small boxes meant for train cards and loan markers. This set also provides protective trays for all other cards and wooden tokens.

For those interested in purchasing only the individual small boxes, they’re available here: Link: and it is Standard USA Cards Tray: 10 mm height 28 cards.


Attention, 18USA customers!

If you’re using our older set of trays that includes 4 large standard trays, please note that to accommodate everything in the box, you’ll need to replace one of the trays with the following: Small Low Tray: 8mm depth, 12 compartments

This adjustment will ensure a proper fit for all your components.

Set dedicated to 18USA: 

Set dedicated to 1817: 

How to put everything into the game box: 



5 thoughts on “One Box for Each Company: New and Amazing Set for 1817 & 18USA”

  1. I have already stickered a set of 4 tile trays for 18usa using your sticker set. I believe I used your suggested stickering scheme. When switching to the new 8mm 12-compartment tray, what is moved to the new tray? Is the remainder put in the new card boxes? Can this be done without needing to rearrange and resticker the old trays, or do I really need to buy a whole new tray set to keep everything arranged properly?

    1. I’m sorry, but despite my repeated checks, it’s not possible to fit all 20 small boxes using the same tray arrangement as before.
      To achieve a better fit, you’ll need to make slight adjustments to the tile placement.
      Please leave us a message in the note to the order? This will allow us to include an extra sticker sheet with tiles in your order (for free).

  2. Looking at what I did, I have 3 20x15mm trays for tiles arranged 20/14/14, and a 4th such tray just for company tokens. The unused space in the tile trays currently houses loan cubes, off-board tokens, subsidy tokens, and private company tokens. Would simply removing the 4th tray be sufficient?

      1. Sounds like I would have to get a new tray and sticker set then. Which tiles go in the shallow 8mm tray? The tile arrangement is not clear.

        Do you have individual slides for each part of the animated gif showing how the trays and boxes are laid out? The gif moves too quickly to get a good sense of how that is done, and the gif cannot be paused to look at each slide one at a time.
        I don’t see room being made for the rulebook either, unless it is buried underneath the trays where it would be damaged.

        It’s a small thing but I’m not receiving emails when you reply even though I have “notify me of new posts” checked.

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