1830 Mayfair 2011 Edition with our Correction Sticker

The old edition of the 1830 game released by Mayfair is one we hold in high regard. It can be quite challenging for newcomers to learn 18xx rules due to the absence of rusting information on train cards, no revenue tracker, and many mistakes in the game.

However, once you’ve mastered 18xx rules, the game offers a more expansive map on its second side and a variety of scenarios to explore over extended gameplay.

While most of the game’s mistakes have been corrected by the publisher, the map itself remains unchanged. During our numerous plays, correcting errors often slipped our minds. Thankfully, a solution is now available – a compact correction kit in our shop.

These small stickers are designed to address inaccuracies on the printed hexes of the map. The following adjustments are needed:

  • The Detroit/Windsor hex (D10) should have a tile placement cost of $80.
  • The Ottawa hex (B16) should have no tile placement cost.

Together with those stickers we checked once again the tray set. We decided to replace one big tray with two 12 compartments trays. This improvement enables you to insert two small trays dedicated to cards within the game box.

Go to the shop here: https://cube4me.com/product/1830-mayfair-2011-edition-2/

Can you find the correction sticker on the second photo? :


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