New Yellow Color in Our Shop!

We are thrilled to announce the addition of a new yellow color to our shop! Currently, we offer 4 different shades of blue, 3 shades of green, 2 reddish tones, 2 brown colors, but only one yellow. So, when the opportunity arose to introduce a new yellow hue, our decision was made swiftly and positively. The new yellow is a vibrant and slightly darker shade compared to our standard yellow. When it came to naming this color, our team had various suggestions such as Sun Yellow, Honey Yellow, or Mustard Yellow. However, after considering the shade of turmeric, we decided to name it after this spice. Please note that this name isn’t final, and if you have any suggestions, we are open to hearing them. We currently have 9 different tokens available in this new yellow color. If you like it, we will explore more token options that would complement this shade. Additionally, we are excited to introduce another new color. It will replace the bright green, which posed some challenges during the production process. We decided to call this new light green color ‘Apple Green,’ as its name perfectly suits the hue. At the moment, we have a slightly smaller variety of tokens available in this color, but our order is in the production phase. In the meantime, we are eagerly anticipating the production of light grey and sky blue tokens. We have received a promise from the manufacturer that these two colors will be available by the end of the year. Below, you can find some photos showcasing all the new colors we have added to our collection, along with the full list of tokens that now come in these exciting new shades. List of Tokens Available in New Colors:
    • 10x5mm disc: turmeric yellow LINK
    • 10x10mm cylinder: turmeric yellow LINK
    • 12x10mm cylinder: apple green, turmeric yellow LINK
    • 12mm cube: turmeric yellow LINK
    • 12mm disc: turmeric yellow LINK
    • 15x10mm cylinder: turmeric yellow LINK
    • 15mm disc: turmeric yellow LINK
    • 20mm disc: apple green LINK
    • 25mm disc: apple green LINK
    • 30mm disc: apple green LINK
    • 8mm cube: turmeric yellow LINK
    • 8x12mm cylinder: apple green LINK
    • Boat / Ship from Seafarers of Catan 20x18x8mm: apple green, turmeric yellow LINK
    • Hexagon 24x5mm: apple green LINK
    • Space Train 20x8x10 mm: apple green LINK
    • Standard Pawn 12x25mm: apple green LINK
Old Yellow and new Turmeric Yellow
New Turmeric Yellow color shade
Bright Green vs. Apple Green

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