18ARG – New Game by Gary Mroczka

Gary Mroczka is my hero. If you take a look at the statistics of his games on BoardGameGeek (BGG), you’ll notice that he has been developing almost one game per year since 2017. Currently, with 7 games on his account, he is now introducing a new title set in Argentina.

This new game features 32 companies in total and a large map, making it a truly impressive and ambitious title. I’m really excited about the prospect of playing it someday.

Although there isn’t much information available about the game just yet, I have included below the description from Ebay where the game is available. It might be a bit pricey, but considering it’s skillfully produced by Gary himself, it promises to be worth it. Plus, it’s ready to play right after buying, after a thorough read of the rulebook, of course 😉

If you’re interested, you can find the game on Ebay using this link: https://www.ebay.pl/itm/134662114613

Game description from Ebay

Designed and self-published by Gary Mroczka,18ARG , an 18xx Series Game begins with players bidding for minor companies, private companies and small regional railroads, called the Big 4 Railways.  Prior to the purchase of the first 4 train, players bid for the starting locations of companies.  Once the first 4 train is purchased the minors and Big 4 Railways are reorganized into one of seven government railroads.

This is a very fun and dynamic game.  Guarantee different every play.  Included in game play are 12 commodities that add value to towns that inspire the rail network buildout.  These are randomly drawn.  This game has been two years of design and playtesting.  The game is a longer game, likely around 6 hours for seasoned players and up to 8 hours for your first plays.

Game description by Hector Leon from BGG:

Rich and interesting combination of Minor Corporations (one 50% share to owner) and Semi-Major ones (5 total shares) building networks with auctioned initial locations in the first half of the game. Then merger/nationalization occurs and players decide to nationalize or not into predetermined Major corporations (10 total shares), with that decision affecting the flow of tokens from old corporations into either their new corresponding (color) corporations or the Main State major Corp. There’s a way of returning tokens from minors into Majors by tokening with a semi major of a certain color in locations where minors of the same color started. Thus, when nationalizing into that same color major, at least one of the tokens of same color in that city is returned to the major’s charter.

It’s a big map. It also has commodities of 2 different values that you add to routes as extra income (only first to reach it can claim commodity revenue), plus combination bonuses in commodities, and red off board connection bonuses within routes (E-W, N-S and NN-SS).

It has 8 privates with familiar special powers, 16 minors, 4 Semi majors, 7 National Majors (colors matching some minors and or semi majors) and 5 more majors not related to any previously formed company.

Very interesting, thematic and dense field of decisions in this cool 18xx.




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