1868: Wyoming by John Harres to be Released by Mercury Games

You may have heard about this title not too long ago, as a limited number of copies of this game will be released alongside Mainline #2 magazine. “1868: Wyoming” is inspired by the rich history and captivating essence of railroading in Wyoming.

The game is scheduled for release in 2024. Although we haven’t had the opportunity to play it yet, I’m confident that there will be a comprehensive article about it prior to its launch.

Here are some helpful links:
Game page on BoardGameGeek: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/337219/1868-wyoming
Publisher website: https://mercurygames.com/

Features of the game:
Ten major railroad companies all vying for routes and revenues.
Coal and Oil Companies which players manage and invest in to help develop areas on the map which improves the revenue their railroad company’s trains can collect, but those developments require sustained investment to be long-lived. Uranium also plays a role in development, but be wary, uranium drove the biggest boom and the biggest bust of them all.
Boomtowns – towns which have the potential to grow into cities if enough development occurs near them, but they also may shrink back to towns if that development goes away. They could even become ghost towns and disappear forever.
Frontier Forts – provide a bonus to train revenue, but decline over time
Twenty-one privates, only eleven of which are used in any one game, represent historically important people and occurrences: surveyors, explorers, financiers, politicians, oil companies, small railroads, and more.
A large map, compensated by rapid track laying
Crédit Mobilier – a construction company which pays Union Pacific shareholders for building track, but is not a private company itself
The Golden Spike – a bonus for a train making the first run from Omaha, Nebraska to Promontory Summit, Utah, opening up revenue in the area
The Northern Spike – a bonus for a train making the first run from an eastern offboard to Independence Creek, Montana opening up revenue in the area

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