MAINLINE Magazine Spring 2023 Issue – first look inside

Recently, I received my first printed copy of the MAINLINE Magazine Spring 2023 Issue. We discussed this earlier in this post:, To show my support for the authors, I opted for the Collectors Edition.

The previous edition I ordered was the Digital Edition, and I was a bit disappointed with the image quality. The prints turned out slightly blurry. I understand that image compression within PDF files can lead to this issue, especially when it comes to maintaining image quality. This has caused me a bit of a headache, particularly when sending print-and-play files to the printing house. The file sizes tend to be quite large, but nevermind, it is an old story 😉

The new edition, which I received a few weeks ago, is absolutely fantastic. The quality of the print is top-notch, with everything presented on high-quality paper. The game maps, certificates, and trains are all nicely developed on thick paper. My next steps involve scanning everything for a copy to play and, of course, delving into the magazine’s content for a comprehensive read. Cheers to a great addition to my collection!

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