18Namibia on Kickstarter in July

It is a small game released in 2004. The authors are Helmut Ohley and Adam Romoth. The new edition will be published by Marflow Games and the Kickstarter will be ready soon.

More details about the game from BGG:
18Namiba is a strategic economy game, which reflects the development of the railway network in today Namibia during the late 19th and early 20th century.
Players invest in railway companies. The latter creates a railway network with track tiles on the game board. They run these routes with their trains and thereby generate income. The amount depends on the economic potential of the cities and the long-distance routes served. The player with the most shares in a railway company is its director. They decide whether these incomes will be distributed to the shareholders as a dividend or whether it will be added to the companies’ treasury for future investments.
As the name of the game already indicates, 18Namibia belongs to the 18xx games. A specific element is the auctioning of railway concessions, which gives the owner certain advantages but which also entail an obligation. The technical progress is represented by 9 consecutive types of trains. This represents a special challenge for the directors since only a careful investment policy leads to success.
18Namibia is based on 1895 Namibia which was designed for 3 players. With the introduction of another railway company and two mining companies, the game is now also suitable for 4 players. In addition, a version for two players is included.


New edition:

Old edition:

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