1880: China preorder started

This title has been announced for a long time. We wrote about its new release in January 2021, then there was also a date when the game was to be released and it was supposed to be at the end of 2021.

Finally: the latest news indicates that the game should be available in October 2022!

We also know the price of the game, because it appears in good board game stores in the preorder phase:

https://gamerstable.ca/products/1880-china – $86.99
https://www.boardgamebliss.com/products/1880-china$73.95 CAD

The game comes with a set of wooden tokens so the price is very good, and so is the title. The game has very interesting and unique mechanics and despite the fact that it is a typical operational game, we regularly return to it in our group.
The price suggests that the circulation is at least 5,000 copies, so all 18xx fans will be able to buy this title without any problem unless distributors in some regions of the world sell out the first batch they ordered and they will not demand more. We are keeping our fingers crossed so that no epidemic will baffle their plans and that you will also have the opportunity to get to know one of the most interesting 18xx games.


I played it recently with 7 players! It was my first game for such a number of players ever and the game worked very well. The more players the best it is 🙂

3 thoughts on “1880: China preorder started”

  1. Nothing in the US yet as far as I can find…. Very strange as even the Agricola:Farmers of the moor reprint is available everywhere, but the US. Seems like there might be an issue with Asmodee and Lookout Games, as they are the distributor for the US. Like usual Asmodee is dropping the ball yet once again.

  2. I did search for 1880 at a Board game price site and a couple sites more did show up, e.g. Milan Spiele in Germany.

    I expect more to show up as we get closer.

    I did order Russian Rails via Lookout games home page – maybe that is possible as well? I think they do have some Rosenberg game I am interested in, so maybe I can order that at the same time?

    Will there be a multi national version (German/English) or are they separate? Sometimes the German ones come out earlier, and a bit cheaper, so that might work for me, unless the language dependency is too high. (Text on private might be a bit hard? Rule book is usually OK as one can download one in a language one can understand.)

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