First t-shirt by Rails on Boards

We got many voices to add such a t-shirt to our shop, so there will be one soon.

This design has an excellent place to add text above the locomotive, but I would like to know your ideas. What to write?
Something simple or something catchy? We are waiting for your ideas.

You can write us under this message, or to our email: marcin @

Thanks for your voice.


This design was done by my daughter some time ago, and I used it from time to time on our blog.
If you have an idea for a new one, we will be happy to hear it too 🙂

10 thoughts on “First t-shirt by Rails on Boards”

  1. I think it might look nice if it said nothing above the train. It’s a lovely design on its own. Or just write Rails on Boards to promote your great site. I’d buy it either way 🙂

      1. Without a name above the logo it is useless unfortunately, unless you decide to integrate the Cube4me somehow also. When we had our company, the front of our T-shirts had our logo and name small on the front upper left of the shirt and a bigger design on the back. Maybe integrating both names on the back would be good…

  2. It all boils down to what you want to achieve with this t-shirt. If brand promotion is your primary goal, then it should be “Rails on Boards” or “Cube4me”. If your main goal is to create an awesome t-shirt, then I’d say leave it without any text above the image and add rob/Cube4me label somewhere (like on the label with t-shirt size)

  3. I would love a version where the text says “What’s my route again?” and (if possible) there is a little “182” added to the loco, like an engine number. Myself and a bunch of my friends would absolutely buy one of those 🙂

    (It’s an homage to a song by American pop-punk band Blink-182 called “What’s My Age Again?” )

  4. I second Matthew answer from first post.
    Rails on Boards is very thematic and generally wide meaning sentence so you would get both brand promotion and nice t-shirt.

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