AAG new kickstarter soon

Probably like the rest of the world, we are very excited about the Kickstarter announced by AAG. Five titles during one collection is a very ambitious goal and we keep our fingers crossed for the success of this project.

The collection will cover such titles:

  • 1822 PNW (Ken Kuhn)
  • 18NY (Pierre LeBoeuf, 2nd Edition Rules)
  • 18GB (Dave Berry, 2nd Edition Rules)
  • 18SJ (Örjan Wennman)
  • 21Moon (Jonas Jones)

As many as three of them are new completely: 1822PNW, 18SJ and 21Moon.

On the other hand, 18NY and 18GB are games that you may already know. The last one is on my shelf, I like it, but unfortunately, we rarely come back to play this title. For some of our players, the downside of the game is the track upgrade. Without a manual, it is a very difficult task and there is even a separate article about it: https://www.railsonboards.com/2019/07/25/construction-of-routes-in-18gb/

Together with these games, you will be able to purchase add-ons for 1817 and 18NewEngland. For me, the first option sounds very encouraging, because it is the only title we regularly return to. While looking at the list of all my competitions, it is currently in 5th place of the most played games. Ahead of it, there are only: 1836jr (34 games), 1830 (23 games), 18MEX (21 games), 1889 (20 games), and 1817 (19 games).

Are you wondering if three new titles a year are a big amount? I thought the same, but please check the list of all new games here: http://www.fwtwr.com/18xx/ludography.htm
I came to the conclusion that this is a very good start to the year 🙂

Kickstarter starts on June 14. We will definitely keep you informed about it and we will try to surprise you with interesting news on this topic.

Link to details (prices too) on BGG: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2740951/all-aboard-games-wave-5-kickstarter-june-14-30/page/26

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  1. 18SJ and 21Moon are both available at 18xx.games.
    I did implement the 18SJ there 2020 and recently I upgraded it to version 0.92. That might be the KS version although there might be small changes still.

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