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The discount code is ‘traincrash’. We decided on such a code, after listening to a great episode of the Train Rush podcast where Craig and Joe are having fun and decide on small promotion for our shop. Thanks, guys! If you would like to use the podcast name as a discount code, then it works very well too 😉

With both codes, you will get a 10% discount. The codes are valid until June 5.

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Latest update from Rails on Boards / Cube4me

As of the first one: we prepared for you a few interesting articles, so check out our blog here. Few of them are still waiting in line, so visit us systematically. During the latest days, the main topic is the new Kickstarter by AAG and five new 18xx titles. We would like to present them before Kickstarter so you will get all the news from a good source.

As for our shop and our games. 

Everything moving forward, after the turmoil in life, our graphic designer Jarek, returned to designing 1836jr and I really can’t wait for your opinion. It will be an unusual title because Jarek does not choose easy solutions and designs everything from scratch. Even the certificates of private companies will surprise you and will surely attract the attention of people who want to get to know 18xx. I hope that we will inform you about specific dates in the next newsletter.

Meanwhile, our store changed its location and partially the crew. The new location is next to our warehouse, which makes packing much easier, while Olga has joined the Cube4me crew. My new friend helps me very bravely in running the shop and office. The new team member is unusual in that she comes from Ukraine, but also speaks Polish and English. Her English accent is much better than mine 😉

If you follow our list of new products, you can notice a month of break (February-March) on it. At that time, the move was just underway and we have been catching up since mid-March. The list of new products is growing very quickly and we try to surprise you systematically. New sets of trays with stickers for 18USA (+ expansion)18Mag (specially developed new stickers for double-sided tracks)1822CAcorrection sticker for 1860special red set of tokens to 1848 or over 70 new colors or figures of wooden tokens (the whole order weighed was over 200 KG) are already available).

The wooden tokens that you are probably most interested in are larger discs (20mm) of different heights (5.7 and 10mm), unusual X tokens, a complete set of all tokens from Imperial Settlers, and our own unique set of tokens for Codenames!

Today we added a new surprise sticker to the 1848 GMT edition. It is almost free, it cost only $0.01 (due to the UPS custom office we cannot add to the invoice free stickers).

I have left the most important message for last!

All trays (except card boxes) are available in our store again! A few months of work and waiting have paid off, because the trays from the new manufacturer are even better. The lid has changed and it is completely transparent. There is a new opening on the corner of the tray. The trays are also perfectly profiled. Anyway, see the gallery here.

Several people have been asking us for discount codes recently and my favorite podcast has prepared a unique advertisement for our store, so we decided to do a small promotion. With the discount code ‘traincrash‘ you will get a 10% discount. The code is valid until June 5.

And finally, the most updated list of all new products in our store (don’t forget to add it to your bookmarks):




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