Our first games are …..

In December, we revealed to you that Rails on Boards would be a game producer, but we didn’t provide any details then. Now it’s time to reveal some secrets.

First of all: Jarek Nocoń is the graphic designer who agreed to take up the challenges and he will take care of all the elements of our games. It is possible that you already know this name, because he has illustrated several dozen titles in Poland (including K2) so far. Currently, Jarek mainly supports Academy Games, but in his spare time he will help Rails on Boards.

Second: we have not only one but two titles on the release list!

The first title has been with us from the very beginning, it was because of this game that we all took the hook and it caused so many new players to appear around us. It’s fast and incredibly mean. Despite a few other short titles that have appeared recently, this one is still unique. We’ll be talking a lot about this game in the coming months and we’ll try to encourage you to support us. Just to say that in 2018 we made a survey among all the people we played with and it was this game that won. Its author is David Hecht, and it is 1836jr.

The second game is the opposite of 1836jr – it’s rather long, for players looking for something totally new in the 18xx. The game introduces new mechanisms: defending the share price, creating systems, long train rush where the 5-train is not permanent. Do you know what the title is about?
The author is Bill Dixon and it is 1832!

For both games, we are still considering how to release them, will it be a Kickstarter or should we open preorders like GMT? We haven’t made any final decisions yet and we still have a lot of work and brainstorming to do. We will certainly inform you about everything.
You can see Jarek’s works under this address: www.artstation.com/jareknocon

Both games will be released under a new brand called Rusty Robot Games. We will only use Rails on Boards as a media patronage.

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15 thoughts on “Our first games are …..”

  1. I hope you plan to fix the rules omissions/ambiguities in 1832. Several are mentioned in the very sparse 1832 BGG forum.

    There are also some potential flaws in 1832 that may need fixing, again as noted in the 1832 BGG forum.

  2. I support Preorders (GMT Model) vs. Kickstarter, but most importantly I hope you games will be available for purchase after the Preoder/Kickstarter windows are closed.

  3. I don’t have a lot of interest for 1836, but publishing 1832 is a dream come true! I’m 100% in on this.

    1. Niestety, jesień, co chwilę ktoś jest chory i przygotowania trochę spowolniły, ale mamy nadzieję, że do końca roku zdążymy.

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