1822 stickers to correct Y, T tiles

You are right, in this game 6 track tiles have bugs. There should be three spots for stations, but they have only 2 locations. This applies to the brown Y tiles and the gray T tiles.

We hope that such mistakes will not happen to us and our games will be perfect, but we cannot rule out anything. I know how many things you have to take care of when preparing a good product and it is not easy. Scott of AAG has promised that the revised tiles will be shipped with the 1860, but until that happens, to be able to play the game and not worry about this deficiencys, you can add free stickers to cottect these tiles as a reward in our shop to any order. You can also choose these stickers as a set from the list of our products and then you will get a mini set of tokens to mark the S and T tiles.

Anyway, see below how the improved tracks and this mini set look and decide for yourself:

First one: sticker with mini tokens set (to buy in our shop), second one: free sticker to choose as a prize:

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