1822 with our trays

A few days ago I got my copy of this game and I can boast of how our trays look with track tiles and wooden tokens.

You need a total of 4 trays 12mm deep with 25 compartments each. Everything fits beautifully in the box (as below).

And last thing: there is a bug on the brown track tiles marked with Y. There should be three spots for stations, but there are two only. Our repair kit will be ready soon and you can add it to your order for free or buy it together with the first mini expansion for this game.

Our small free add-onn (white tokens with stickers):

Y track tile with error:

7 thoughts on “1822 with our trays”

  1. those rubber bands make me want to cry… instead of destroying your game with rubber bands and wasting a tray for tokens – use 1 small ziplock bag per company to hold that company’s certificates and tokens.

    1. With 18xx games you need to think different, I was using ziplock bag for a long time, but they do not fit inside box when there are many companies in one game.

      1. this EXTREMELY bad to me eye, those rubber bands will melt into the cards in a year or two.

        1. OMG, I did not expect that, hmm, the question is: are there rubber bands that do not leave marks?

          1. Yes – use “Plastibands” (available on Amazon and elsewhere) instead of rubber bands.

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