Our set of labels and tokens to 1861 + trays

We have decided to prepare our own sticker set for 1861. Thanks to this, you can have two sets of wooden tokens in the game, one only for 1867 and a separate (ours) for 1861. The stickers have slightly different graphics, but we tried to make them as useful and legible as these ones in the game. You can see the effect of our work in the gallery below.

Anticipating the questions about our 1867 sticker set, unfortunately we do not plan to prepare them yet. We do not have permission to use original illustrations (including company logos) that are used in the game, and without them the stickers will not be so cool.

How to keep them in the box? Look below (I used two 12mm trays with 25 compartments):

2 thoughts on “Our set of labels and tokens to 1861 + trays”

  1. The tile trays that come with the game are pretty awful. Do you have a recommendation for replacing them with your tile trays?

    1. I checked it, and all track tiles will fit perfectly into:
      – 1 x Standard Tray: 15mm depth, 20 compartments
      – 2 x Standard Low Tray: 8mm depth, 20 compartments
      – 1 x Small Low Tray: 8mm depth, 12 compartments
      I will add such a set to our Cube4me shop soon.

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