Trays – final stage

All packages with trays should be shipped by the end of this week. Thank you all for your patience. Unfortunately, to Australia the only available shipping is the sea transport, so our package will arrive there in about 2 months. Everything, of course, is due to the pandemic. We wish there was a faster possibility, but unfortunately we can’t help it.

I was supposed to praise the appearance of the trays and how they fit in the boxes with games only when I send the last package, but Marcin from Olkusz, who has already received the trays, was first and he had prepared a short video with our trays and the new edition of 18Mex. What do you think he should get as a reward?

Someone else asked how the trays will fit into the DTG edition and here I answered with a small video too:

As you can see in these boxes, the trays look like they are made to measure. What do you think about a small card box? If we had to supply these games with such tiny boxes, we would not need any more ziplock bags and everything would be fit inside very well.
Such a box is one of the ideas for another product, more details soon.

3 thoughts on “Trays – final stage”

  1. It was not much room for cards after trays in my 18Chesapeake box. I think it would be hard to fit plastic boxes.

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