Trays and games (1830, 1856, 1862 & 18Chesapeake)

Phew, we are in the last phase, i.e. the trays are in stock and we process all orders on a regular basis.

But the best news is that my games get their own trays! Immediately I try to take a photo of everything and, if necessary, I correct the list of trays, which was put in the first post. It’s here.

A small summary of all changes:

  • 1830 Mayfair 2011 edition – This is a new title on the list, everything fits beautifully in a box as long as all track tiles from the additional scenarios go into one 9mm tray. It may not be an elegant solution, but otherwise the box would have to be twice as large. I think the basic version of 1830 is good enough that you won’t use the scenarios too often, especially if you catch the 18xx bug and your collection of games grows quickly.
  • 1856 – Only 9mm trays were listed before, but a deeper tray is needed for our tokens set.
  • 1862 – I tried to arrange trays in this game several times. After the first time I realized that nothing could be done and the game contents will not fit in the box, at least in the way it was shown in the photo with the prototype trays. But not for nothing, my wife leaves me to pack our car for vacation. On the third try, I found the solution! Everything is packed mercilessly tightly, but it fits in a box as in the picture from July. Here you will find a full gallery.

And now the latest news, Marcin from our group of players, decided to record not only one, but several films with our trays! You can see how cool everything can be arranged and how the trays look in boxes.


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