Trays status 3

Finally, after many weeks of preparation, test prints and corrections, we got the first batch of trays. The first parcels have already been packed and shipped, but the list of what remains to be shipped is very long, so we do not really announce that the trays are already in stock, because we do not want to give you hope that if you order now, we will send them immediately. Unfortunately you will be at the bottom of the order list, but I have good news, we will ship all orders within ~2 weeks. On a small condition: that we will get another batch from the manufacturer. But the production is more complicated than we thought, because the trays must meet our quality requirements and we had to send back a small part of the trays because they did not pass our tests. Besides, the trays are amazing and I decided to share some photos of them below.

What’s next? We have some plans and as soon as this stage is complete, i.e. we will send all your packages and we will have some part of the trays in stock (here is one more thing to do, but more on that later). Then we will proceed to the next stage and we will start to work on 3 new sizes of trays. We will try to make them the best complement to what we have now. If you have any wishes, we’ll be happy to listen to you.

The last thing on the to-do list is to equip all my games with the right amount of trays :), that will be the best part of the fun that I left for the end.

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