New 18xx releases (update 15-04-2019)

This year is full of surprises, every now and then we get information about next titles which will soon appear in LARGE volume. This last sentence is the most important one, LARGE volume means a better price and the chance that the game will be available among others in Europe.
Let’s start our list with these titles that will be available in the first place (probably):

Availability: April 2019
1883 – the game from Aleph Game Studio, will be released in the next few days. You can still order it here (
Price 85 EUR. Some good board stores have it in offer. We have already written about the game a few times, and Elemele has even made a summary of rules for you, you can read it here. I am preparing to play it in April and I will describe our impressions after it.
Links: Aleph Game Studio, BGG, Rules summary
Update (5-04-2019): as for today 189 copies left

Availability: end of 2019
1862: Railway Mania in the Eastern Counties – title from GMT. The game went into production and should appear in late 2019. You can read/order here:
It will be available in all good board stores shortly.
Links: GMT, BGG

Availability: end of 2019
1824: Austria-Hungary – this title will appear in Kickstarter during April. This is the new edition of the game released in 2005, the authors are Helmut Ohley and Leonhard “Lonny” Orgler. The release will be at least the same quality as 18CZ. Apparently you can play it in 4 hours! We will keep you updated on all details.
I cannot wait, especially after what I read about the game from Kyle Nauman (Dual Gauge Podcast): It is one of the best small map 18xx and most likely the best one with multiple train types. The train rush can be extremely fast as it uses the same company formation as 1837, (minor/mining companies are merged/converted and given the rest of their full cap after certain trains are bought). This happens 3 times so the game fast forwards through the trains. This game is fought on the map and the train buying. Getting the best train for your company is paramount. The token war is quite harsh with only 2 main cities and 8 major companies. It also allows you to potentially own 100% of a company.
Links: BGG

Availability: February 2020
18Chesapeake – this will be the first game that will be released in large volume by All-Aboard Games. We keep our fingers crossed for the success of this operation, because the game is supposedly the perfect title to introduce newbies to the world of 18xx. Plans from last year assumed that the game will be released in the first quarter of 2019, now we know that it is impossible, but we can assume that it will be generally in 2019. More news soon…
Links: All-Aboard Games, BGG, Kickstarter
Update (15-04-2019): Is live on Kickstarter, price $70 (one copy), $65 (when 3 copies), $60 (when 6 copies). Link:

Availability: end of 2019; update (5-04-2019)
Rolling Stock Stars – also Kickstarter just after 18Chesapeake, it is new edition of Rolling Stock, producer: All-Aboard Games.
Links: All-Aboard Games, BGG, Ambie interview with Bjorn Rabenstein, the designer of Rolling Stock

Availability: probably end of 2019, update (10-04-2019): 
1861/1867 – two games in one box from a new company called Grand Trunk Games. Fundraising will start around the middle of this year and you will probably be able to play it this year too. The author of both games is Ian Wilson. These are not new titles, because their publisher have been All-Aboard Games so far, but we are very happy that they will finally be available in a larger volume and reportedly at a good price.
Links: Grand Trunk Games, BGG: 1861, BGG: 1867

Availability: probably 2020
18DO-Dortmund – this is a long-awaited title from the German publishing house Marflow Games. The first time I heard about it in 2017, then reportedly it was already at the final stage of testing, but as you can see from the following description on the Marflow site, the game has been changed and currently looks like it will be another title that can be released in large volume. Marflow writes that they plans to raise funds through Kickstarter in 2019. Because for now it is very quiet about it, so I assume that campaign will be launch be the second half of this year and the game will be released in 2020.
Description from the page: Initially planned as an 18Ruhr extension it has become a new game. The map has been reduced by 40% and shows now Dortmund and its surroundings only. As Dortmund is also wel-lknown for its brewery industry this has been added to the game which has the subtitle “Heat, Sweat & Beers”. All players start with a private brewery (minor company). The MONTAN companies have been limited to a passive function. The new features is the beer market for which the brewery produce and deliver. The basic demand of the beer market will be increased during the course of the game each time the location of a MONTAN company has been linked to the railway net by a railway corporation. The link to the railway network reflects the possibilities for the MONTAN companies to grow and employ more workforce. The latter inevitably leads to a higher demand for beer. The equipment for the breweries is on the backside of the Capex cards. In order to acquire the latest most competitive equipment a private brewery may be forced to be converted into a brewery corporation in order to generate additional treasury. During the brown phase the railway companies will transport beer to the off-board destinations which will increase the breweries’ income over proportionally. Therefore one has to have the late phase of the game in focus.
Links: Marflow Games, BGG

Do you count titles I already have mentioned? If all these plans are successful, this year there will be six 18xx in large volume!!! This is definitely a record year in every case, even if 1-2 games will be released with a little delay, so many games from the 18xx series have never been released in a large volume in one year so far! And each of them is different and deserves its place on the shelf. This is not the end, because we still do not know what will be issued by GMT as a second title?

Next year::

Availability: Probably end of 2020
18 ?? – GMT has only told a secret that it is a game with two even numbers at the end. I think the most likely titles will be 1848 or 1880. Both fit this. The authors probably approached GMT with the idea of ​​publishing one of these games, but GMT is not sure yet which of them they would like to publish and that’s why they write so mysteriously.
This is, of course, my interpretation of the facts, but from another source from the authors themselves I found out that 1848 and 1880 will be published in 2019 or in 2020. What do you say about such a coincidence? Some assumed that they could be 1860 or 1828 – but the authors of both these titles denied these suggestions. Maybe it is going to be a completely new title? I don’t think so. Why? Because shortly after GMT announced that it was looking for a game to release, they quickly stated that they had received several proposals and soon after that they chose the title. If it was a new game, then the testing phase would last about a year and we would have to wait a long time for any possible answer from them.

Availability: Probably end of 2020
1840 the Vienna Tramway Game – a completely new title from Lonny Orgler. We do not know anything about the way of publication, but I assume that it also will probably be Kickstarter.


In total, there are 8 games! If I make a mistake and GMT releases a different game than 1848 or 1880, both these titles will probably appear in 2019/2020 (as from authors info).

To this list must be added a few more new titles, which will be available only on request and only in small quantities, but announcements indicate that in two years, 18xx market may be quite different than a moment ago.

3 thoughts on “New 18xx releases (update 15-04-2019)”

  1. I’m not sure on 1848 or 1880 as GMT’s new 18xx game, I wouldn’t think so. I can imagine, that Lonny Orgler is considering to fund them by himself on kickstarter as well (so as he’ll do with 1824 or did with 18CZ)

    I’m hoping GMT will produce one of any old Winsome 18xx games, they are really hard to get and I can imagine, there is a demand for some of them. Let’s wait and see!

  2. Yeah

    GMT doing any Lonny stuff seems unlikely.

    He is developing decent global reach himself via FoxInTheBox.

    Why would he want to give so big a slive of the profits to GMT unless he sees them as a route to shifting lots more units? And I mean … Lots more.

    That or if he couldn’t come to terms with Helmut to publish under FitB. Seems unlikely.

    Heck could even be a relaunch of the Double O endeavour.

    1. Maybe you’re right, if so GMT will issue a completely different title and that would be good news altogether, because this way you will get one title more than I predicted.

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