18Chesapeake on Kickstarter soon (updated 5-04-2019)

I have the latest news for you straight from All-Aboard Games.

  • 18Chesapeake Kickstarter will start in April or May
  • Rolling Stock Stars Kickstarter to follow after that
  • 1822MX prototype preorder will be available in April (final game expected within one year from that)
  • Scott from AAG is currently working on revision to 1822CA east/west scenarios to make them more like 1822MRS, AAG will probably release a new board to help play just the eastern scenario in the fall (the west side of the board has most of the bidding boxes/stock chart). The supplemental board will also be available for PnP in the fall.

It looks like the next few months will be VERY hot, but for 18xx games fans its great news.

More in just publicated (5-04-2019) AAG newsletter: All-Aboard Games Spring 2019 Update

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  1. An official thread for this would be great.


    Starting discussion over shipping and fulfilment (usually shipping direct from Asia works out cheaper as do bulk orders)

    What other games can be added (as in existing games)

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