Free set of tokens and stickers for Private Companies

We have a special kit for private companies. They are often not perfectly marked on the map and during the initial bidding there are requests to remind you which companies are where and what tiles they block.

Our set includes two sets of stickers numbered from 1 to 10, for a total of 20 discs. Each marker is double, so there are two ones, twos, etc… The principle of operation is simple. When translating the rules, you can place one of the tokens on the Private Company card and the other with the same number on the map. Certainly in several titles, this set will be very helpful.

We tested it recently during our play in the game 1830. We only removed tokens from the map and cards when a given hex on the map was unlocked. This way everything became much clearer 🙂

Currently, this bundle is almost free. It cost only $0.5. Go to the shop page:

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