1840 – Track Tile Stickers Are Now Available

This title almost got the best of us. There is a record number of different tracks that don’t exist in other games, and each tile must be redrawn. Luckily, Sasha managed it and the new stickers are now available in our store.

We’re not idle, and we’re currently working on 1835. You can expect a set of tokens with stickers, trays, and track tile stickers for this game. Everything should be ready this month. We’re waiting for your suggestions on what’s next. There are still a few high-volume titles that we don’t have stickers for, but would you like to see a title from Golden Spike Games? My shelf is bending under the weight of their games, and I’d love to see stickers in many of them 😉

Go to the shop: https://cube4me.com/product/1840/

It is not easy to set up everything inside the game box, so here is a small manual on how to put everything inside our trays:

The top 15mm height tray with lid:


The second 8mm tray without the lid at the bottom of the 15mm tray:


The second 15m tray with lid contains all tokens and red tiles:


The last one 8mm tray without a lid: 


The effect is amazing:

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  1. Yes, GSG titles as well. I have all of their titles. Time to put on stickers to colored tokens 🙂

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