The large upgrade set to 1880: China is ready!

This is one of my favorite 18xx games. It is very operational, but it has got its own character and even maybe a little of the magic. It works very well for any number of players, but we love to play it with 5-6 of us. My old copy of the game was produced by the game designer and it was very limited and hard to buy, but now you can finally get your own copy for a good nice price in many good boardgame stores.

However, the game contains cardboard components, and to make the game more accessible, we have prepared a set of wooden markers with stickers and a set of trays in which you can sort all the components.

Our set also includes stickers that correct bugs in the game (read more here) and several elements that make the game more attractive (stickers with numbers for Foreign Investors).

Anyway, here is the link to our shop and see for yourself what it looks like with our stuff.


1 thought on “The large upgrade set to 1880: China is ready!”

  1. I might get this as I played my Lookout copy this weekend and was displeased with the quality, choice of colors, misprint of SCR. And cardboard tokens is not good.

    Good that you have made this already, otherwise I would have suggested it.

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