The Black Cube discount coupon is working again!

Our autumn sale is open! You can get a 20% discount with the coupon “BLACKCUBE”. This coupon is valid until November 28, so you have almost two weeks to check what to buy. It works only for orders bigger than $30 and it won’t apply to items on sale.

Don’t forget about Parcel Peak Season. It means that all packages might have delivery delays.

We have an additional team to help us and we will make sure that all packages will be ready to be sent as soon as possible, but a delay might also happen, sorry about that.
Especially during and after the last days of our sale, so we strongly recommend not waiting until the last moment.

Last nice detail:
We will add an extra free Standard USA Cards tray + Black Cube to every order paid by Stripe or Conotoxia 🙂

Don’t forget :

  • coupon code: BLACKCUBE
  • valid until November 28
  • works only for orders bigger than $30
  • won’t apply to items on sale
  • use Stripe or Conotoxia payment to get extra free Standard USA Cards tray

Link to the shop:

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