1822CA upgrate stickers set

We have received comments from you that in our tray set, you can sort all tracks very nicely, including all special locations tiles marked M, O, Q, T, W, A and B. We originally prepared stickers for these tiles with letters only, but your requests came from several sides, so … the stickers are ready 🙂

Each of these tiles is different and the preparation of stickers for this set was really laborious. There are 24 of them in total! In some 18xx titles, there are fewer stickers for the whole game, whereas in 1822CA, so many stickers there are only for the additional 7 locations!

The 1822CA sticker pack (the main set and this upgrade) fits all over the big sheet on which we always print stickers for two sets, so they are extra paid, but we hope the game is worth the price. I am just ordering it for myself 😀

Link: https://cube4me.com/product/1822ca/


Watch our website and our blog very carefully in the coming days, because we will have a big surprise for you! 🙂

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