It is time for a small sale of our trays

Since on our warehouse we have all trays produced by a new manufacturer, we decided to do a small sale of all trays from the previous production. There are 15mm trays (the one with 20 and 12 compartments) and an 8mm tray with 12 compartments. All trays will be 20% cheaper when compared to the new trays prices, and the gold ones are 30% cheaper. The sale will last until we run out of them. There is only a small quantity of low 12 compartments trays, so hurry up!
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Short info about new trays: there is a universal lid on every kind of tray size. So if it is a 20 compartment tray, then this same lid fits the 8mm tray and the 15mm tray. This way everything is simpler and easy to put inside the box after the game. I hope you will like our new solutions – because I love them already 😉

Now we ordered completely redesigned trays dedicated to Standard USA Cards. The New edition will have a little more space inside but overall it will be much smaller (the tray sides will be thinner). We ordered two sizes of this small tray: one will be 1 mm higher and the second one will be 3 mm lower than the previous one. We are very impatient with what the effect will be, but we need to wait about 2-3 months before we will see the prototype. Stay tuned.

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