1947: latest update from Aleph Game Studio

Great news from the game manufacturer. Here is their fresh newsletter:


Hi to all!

We have finally some important news on production and some pics about the final products!


We’re waiting only the 1947 boxes because all of the material has been already delivered to our depot!

This weekend we’ll prepare all the 1883 2nd Edition and 1883 Upgrade Kits.

Next week there will be the final effort: assembling 1947 and the great shipping boxes quest! We want to send out all the games before 15th June.

We will try to make it a reality!

1947 – First pics

Map board
From left to right: wooden meeples (add-on), wooden markers, raindrops and pawns
Components on map
Components on map
Components on map


1883 – First pics

These materials will be available both in 2nd edition and Upgrade Kit.

From left to right: stickers and wooden cylinders (concessions), wooden cubes (flood, hills, mountains)

Cylinders with stickers

Components on map

Components on map

Map boards thickness: production choice

The final note of this update concerns the choice to make the thickness of the maps as you can see in the previous photos.

These are the feature of the map boards:

– 1,5 mm thickness

– sharped edges


This is the best choice to ensure that the maps are perfectly laid out on the table and that the error for tiling side by side the 1947 maps is minimal.

So we want to prefer these 2 aspects. Our printer says that a 2mm or more wrapped edge map board won’t insure this features.

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