18USA companies and tokens colors

We get the first messages from our customers with questions about the color of the tokens for individual companies.

Our store offers two different sets:

  • small only with tokens to the stock exchange ;
  • the large one with all tokens.

In the case of the small one, we chose the best colors to match the tokens that are already in the game. In the case of the large one, we were following the colors of company certificates and cards, which is why each set has subtle differences.
So that you don’t have any problems with matching, first check what set you bought, sort the tokens with colors and match the individual colors to their names.
Full list of all colors:

Below you will find a list of companies with information on what color we have set for each one. I hope you won’t have any problems with the proper stickering of our disks and cylinders 🙂

Company Name Small Set Big Set
Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe navy blue inky
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad blue navy blue
Chesapeake and Ohio navy blue inky
Denver and Rio Grande light brown light brown
Great Northern Railroad light blue light blue
Illinois Central Railroad green turquoise
Kansas City Southers Railroad red red
Missouri Pacific Railroad violet violet
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad bright green green
New York Central black black
Norfolk and Western Railway brown brown
Norhern Pacific Railway black black
Pennsylvania Railroad lime light green
Southern Pacific Railroad orange orange
Southern Railway bright green green
St. Louis-San Francisco Railway red red
Texas Pacific Railroad fuchsia fuchsia
The Milwaukee Road grey grey
Union Pacific Railroad yellow yellow
Western Pacific Railroad brown brown

Have a great game!

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