Can the old trays be even better? Old trays are back in stock!

We got a new delivery of the trays (the ones with 20 compartments) from a new manufacturer. The forms to mold them were created from scratch and the trays are even better now. We are very proud of the result. Like always there are some changes. The first big one is the opening on the thin tray. The manufacturer suggested that we should change it to a small bunchy dot, which will allow us to open the tray easily. This solution is working perfectly and you can see below the final result.

The next change is the lid. Now it is completely transparent and it is a good change too 🙂

Bad news: all production costs are going up. Every second month we got an update and everyone around us put the prices up: the printing house, the tokens manufacturer, and the trays manufacturer too. Now we decided to keep the old prices for all trays (the old and the new as well), but sooner or later they will be raised by 10%. Now you can see the prices for new trays with a 10% discount for a while, so they are the same as the prices for the old trays.

If you have lids from the old trays, we added to the shop old trays without the lids.
A few days ago we ordered the next two trays (the two ones with 12 compartments) and they should be ready soon (in about 3-4 months).
The production is located in Poland, so do not worry, about the problems with delivery.

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