1871 The Old Prince

For the first time, you can buy stickers for the game prototype in our store. The title has been very popular recently and Eric from Train Shuffling suggested adding it to our offer. We’ve got the author’s permission for this, and thus a small sticker set is now available in the CUBE4ME shop. All other game elements can be found at https://www.18xx-maker.com/

Thanks to the game designer Lucas Boyd. BTW: those designs are really good looking, and now I need to play this game 🙂

Link to the shop: https://cube4me.com/product/1871-the-old-prince/


1 thought on “1871 The Old Prince”

  1. I was planning to put PEIR tokens on the back of a token for each of the PEIR companies. This would mean that the token for the PEIR would have a wood disk of teh colour of the resultant PEIR company which would help to remind people which company is where especially as I don’t know the geography of Prince Edward Island. If you could fit two more PEIR token stickers on the sheet this could be done.

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