1888 first very early impression

This is a brand new title signed by Lonny. This time Lonny is taking us to China. He offers us 1830 variation on a new map with small changes.

I played it with three players on 18xx.games where it is available as a prototype and I must say, that I’m impressed.

Most of the rules come from 1830. There are only a few changes, like 50% company floating, a bit cheaper diesel train ($900), new private companies, train export, and the most important one: the map. It is the map of China, very nicely presented with a lot of possibilities for a good income and a very good route. Its main future is a lot of small cities which you cannot upgrade to green ones. So you must be very careful when you are building the route. On the other hand, it gives players a lot of interesting options, because there are all three types of yellow cities, not only the straight one as in 1830. So the general feeling was very positive and it seemed fresh to me.

You can say: another 1830 copy but weren’t they 1889, 18Chesapeake, 18Mex, and many other titles from the same category? The map is the key in this matter. I can think about the well-known schemas in a new way. What to choose? Where should I build the track? Which is the most important city? Where will it be impossible to change the tile?

It looks that it will work very well for 4-5 players, but for three players it is also a good title.

You can play it on 18xx.games

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