First photos of the set to 1848

The set dedicated to 1848 GMT Edition has been around for a while, but only now have we found some time to take pictures of it. As we wrote, it has a few changes compared to the set for the old release.

We remind you that these are:

  • Commonwealth Railways is tan (was gray), the kangaroo in the picture is also a bit different;
  • Federal Territory Railway is light blue (was blue);
  • South Australian Railway is fuchsia (was violet);
  • New South Wales is gold (was orange);
  • private companies have a new picture on their tokens;
  • all tokens dedicated to the stock market are double-sided with the crossed version on the bottom;
  • the backside of all stations have a different logo;
  • CAR has one station more;

You can buy the new set here:

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