First photos of new trays prototypes

I got the first prototypes, unfortunately we can’t start production yet, because the lid from the super-thin tray is too tight. We don’t know where we went wrong and we need to discuss it with the manufacturer. So we can’t promise you anything, maybe the fixes will be quick or maybe a complete change of mold technology will be required. We will keep you posted.

Despite these shortcomings, the trays look great and you can check it out in the pictures below.

The extra-low tray holds only two tiles in each compartment and should be perfect for 18Ireland, 1849 or 18CZ.

There are four card trays, three of them are dedicated to cards of the Mini Euro 45x68mm size which are in 18xx games. Each tray is the same height (15mm) but has a different number of compartments and holds 40, 80 or 120 cards. Boxes with two and three compartments are a little higher in the middle of the compartment, which allow to take the last card from the box easily. We also made a tray for larger cards (or other items) up to 80x110mm.

More news soon…

10 thoughts on “First photos of new trays prototypes”

  1. Do you have AAG’s recent 1817? It would be good to see cards for one company in one half of the tray and tokens in the other side

    1. Nice idea, I have the laminated edition, so the cards are twice as thick, but with cards from from 18Chesapeake (and few others – 29 cards in total) and tokens from 1817 will looks like this:
      card box

      1. Thanks. I may need 20 of these for the companies and one or two for the trains. When we play 1817 we always leave the not yet in use cards and tokens with the president in order to make it easy to issue shorts or grow the company up

  2. At 15mm, I fear the single-compartment boxes are a little too short to hold both the certificates and tokens of a company. If there was a slightly taller version, it could hold both certs and tokens in one compartment – much more space-efficient than using a two-compartment box as shown above (though I think the two-compartment solution makes sense for 1817, which has a lot more certificates per corporation than usual).

  3. Will the single-compartment tray fit a single company’s certs and tokens? I mean for most 18xx games – not 1817, which has way more certs per company than usual.

    1. Yes, if there are 9 certificates, then the single-compartment tray will fit a single company’s certs and tokens. I will do a photo tomorrow…

      1. That is amazing news – I’ve spent a lot of effort to find a box that is just the right size for that, with limited success.

        1. I did not think that the box would be used in this way, I am glad that you found such a solution 😀

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