18DO with our trays

You only need 4 trays to sort everything very well and even though there isn’t much space in the box, it all fits nicely inside!

We added this title to this long list, but all you need is: 2 x 8mm tray 20 comp. (yellow & green tiles) + 1 x 8mm tray 12 comp. (brown tiles) 1 x 12mm tray 25 comp. (tokens)

4 thoughts on “18DO with our trays”

  1. By my eyeball estimate of these photos, there are about 290 cards in 18DO. Is this close to accurate? I am trying to figure out how many card trays will be needed. Thanks.

    1. You will need a total of 8 compartments. They can be 8 trays with 1 compartment, but you will not fit such a number of trays in the game box 🙁

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