Last two days of our competition

There are two days left to submit applications to our competition. This time there will be a draw of winners and I will tell you quietly that if you send your application, you have a very good chance of winning, because the list of people from whom I received replies is extremely small.

The competition was created out of my curiosity, I wanted to know how diverse the tastes are among our readers and how many games from the 18xx series are at your top list.

To encourage you guys, I have made my list below and you can find the rules of the competition here:

Remember: you only have time until the end of the year!

My top 18xx games out of about 25 I’ve known so far (alphabetical list):

  • 1817 (for the amazing stock market and the fact that SR can last longer than the OR)
  • 1830 (for the first big 18xx game which many other games try to catch up without success)
  • 1836jr (for how mean this game is, and besides, it’s my first real love reg. 18xx)
  • 1844 (for enough chrome that it could be bestowed on several other games)
  • 1848 (for a tiny map with so much going on)
  • 1849 (for the fact that I sweat every time I play it)

Besides, I had a very big problem not to include these titles in the above list: 1822, 1832, 1841, 1880, 1882, 18GB, but I chose the best of the best. I’d like to play each of those games once a week, but even in retirement it won’t be possible 🙁

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