Your best 18xx games – new competition

Last year, the competition was about the Christmas tree, this time I would like to invite you to a small summary of what you think about the titles that you have already met, which are the best? How do they stand out? Which of them would you take from a burning house?

To make such a summary as clear as possible, you must write down how many different games you have already learned, what makes a given title stand out, what it deserves to be called the favourite one(s). It can only be one short sentence. There is no limit to the number of games in your list.

If you want to, make a list of those titles that you have played but they were not on the list of the best.

Among all those who will take part, we will draw 2 sets of trays together with tiles stickers for the game of your choice (of course, only those that are available in our store). We are waiting for answers until the end of the month.

– how many different games you have met
– a list of your best titles and why they stand out

– list of other games
– a photo of your shelf with games.

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