New trays in new wave

Finally, I can share with you what we are planning in the second step. There will be three new trays, the first two ones will be the smaller versions of the trays you already know. There will be fewer compartments in them, but they will be of the same depth. Hopefully both versions will find use in those games where there is now some space left in them. In this way you will be able to arrange the space better, e.g. instead of 3 trays, you could use two 5×4 and one 4×3. Therefore more space will be left in the box for components, such as company charters.

Both trays will have 4×3 compartments, the first will be 15mm depth, the second will be 8mm depth.

However, I think that you will be impressed by the third tray, which will have 25 compartments and it will be intended for the smallest track tiles, which are in the games 1822, 1822CA, 18OE or 18C2C. Its height is 12 mm. The compartments have been designed so that there is room for a finger to put tiles out of it. Compartment size: 4 cm x 3 cm. To 1822, three trays are enough to put all tiles 🙂

The designs have gone into production lately, for now we are working on the die on which they will be molded, then there will be the first trial copies and finally the production will start. Of course, everything is going incredibly slow despite my best efforts, so I don’t want to promise you that they will be available in November. I estimate that if there are no corrections, we will get the trays in mid-December. When the date is certain, I will launch the presale as before, but it will be literally a few days before receiving the trays. So you will not have to wait as much time for them as before.

Meanwhile, I am already planning the next wave, in which there will be card boxes and perhaps a very shallow tray for track tiles from 1849 or 18Ireland. It would be only 4 mm high, but we still have to think carefully about it.

There is still a promotion for the trays that we already have on offer. You can buy them with a 20% discount until the end of the month. But I am afraid that the stock of the 8mm trays is slowly running out. We have several hundred pieces left. The next production is already planned, but if we run out of stock before receiving the new production, some orders will have to wait a while for shipment.



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