Small sale

I have a number of disks and other items in stock that I do not want to add to my store offer because they have an unusual color that is too similar to those already in our shop. There are two colors, one is very bright green, it can be easily confused with bright green. The second is dirty yellow, which is a little too much like regular yellow. Both colors are different from those placed in our offer, but in low light the difference is not so visible. The price is 50% of the regular one and additional discounts apply (e.g. due to the quantity).

You can place an order by sending an e-mail or writing a comment in the order.

I have such tokens in both colors:

  • 12mm discs
  • 10mm discs
  • 12mm cylinders
  • 8mm cubes
  • 10mm cubes
  • trains

Some photos:

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