18xx.games new titles on the list

This online gaming site is growing incredibly fast. Currently on the list of ready to play games are:

  • 1836Jr30 (Netherlands)
  • 1846 (Midwest, USA)
  • 1882 (Assiniboia, Canada)
  • 1889 (Shikoku, Japan)
  • 18AL (Alabama, USA)
  • 18Chesapeake
  • 18GA (Georgia, USA)
  • 18MS (Mississippi, USA)
  • 18TN (Tennessee, USA)
  • 1846 2p Variant (Midwest, USA) (beta)
  • 18 Los Angeles (alpha)
  • 1817 (NYSE, USA) (alpha)
  • 18Mex (Mexico) (alpha)

in the future there are plans to add:

  • 1860
  • 1828
  • 18EU
  • 18CO (Colorado)
  • 18Carolinas
  • 18NewEngland

Amazing list!

If you use it, we encourage you to support the authors through Patronite.

Recently, for the first time I played 18xx via Tabletopia, it is also an interesting option and a bit different than 18xx.games. I will try to describe my impressions soon.

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