1817 set is almost ready

We already have the first print of stickers for the new 1817 set. It is going to be beautiful, large set with 20 companies and 3 types of discs. I can’t wait to show you the ready set.

A question for you:

there are 20 companies in this set, and now we have 22 colors in our store !!! So we could give each company a different color, but what if there are, for example, two yellow companies in the game? So one of them will get a mismatched color.

Maybe it would be better to give both companies yellow tokens? We have prepared all stickers for the stock exchange on both sides of tokens, the bottom side is crossed out, so even if there are two companies with the same color of tokens in the game, in this case this will not be a hitch.

What do you think about it?

More photos:

Other new stickers, I will write a few words about them soon…

3 thoughts on “1817 set is almost ready”

  1. If we order the set now, what will you do with the tokens? Will we get 20 different colours? Or a matching set? Or can we decide later?

    1. I will prepare both versions and you will be able to choose which one you prefer.

      1. Will we be able to see pictures of both before we have to choose? (If not I’ll wait for the pictures.)

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