Revised sets 1844 and 1856

When we added these sets to our store a year ago, we had two things: fewer colors of wood tokens from which we could prepare the set, and of course much less experience in creating graphics and choosing colors. Since then, we have prepared dozens of amazing stickers for you and we expanded the store, so when Joshua wrote that the 1844 set could have different colors now, we had no qualms and we corrected the whole set of stickers. By the way, I looked at the 1856 set and I changed several colors in it too.

Here, what has been changed:

Set 1844
here we have practically re-worked the whole thing, so now the new colors are for these companies:

  • SBB – before: brown with stripes, now: red with stripes
  • STB – before: purple, now: blue
  • FNM – before: green, now: turquoise
  • BLS – before: yellow, now: lime
  • MOB – before: orange, now: gold
  • JN – before: light green, now: green
  • VZ – before: pink, now: red
  • GB, JS, NOB, VSB, SCB – they are still black but we have added a colored coating

Additionally: for all companies we have added a sticker to the bottom of the token that goes to the stock exchange, it is crossed out and easy to distinguish. Thanks to this, two companies in the same color RhB and VZ (both red) in the new set are easy to recognize.
All company inscriptions got a delicate black frame, so the contrast between their name and the background is much better now.
The last change concerns the revenue markers, now there are 12mm cylinders instead of 15mm discs.

As you can see the changes are significant and we can’t arrange a set that would correct them, so those customers who have already bought this set and want to buy a new one will get a 50% discount.

Set 1856
here the changes are much smaller and apply only to a few companies for which we have chosen a better color, these are:

  • CPR – before: white, now: lavender
  • GW – before: natural, now: light brown
  • WR – before: gray, now: brown


  • we have added 7 x 10mm markers to mark those tiles on the board that have the letter L and on which you can build green tiles L
  • income markers, now they are 12mm cylinders instead of 15mm discs.
  • we have added extra set of 12mm disc for every company that you can put on shares that are in the primary market pool, so that you know clearly which share matches which marker – unfortunately you can’t distinguish it that easily.

For those who have already bought this set, we have prepared a special set that contains all the changes described.

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  1. Is it right, that there is one token too much for the pre-sbb companies? (SCB, NOB, GB, JS, VSB) They only have 2 stations, plus one share value, par value and the small income token. What would you use the extra token for?

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