1862 matching tokens colors to stickers

I have had my copy of 1862 only for a few days and now I could match our token colors to company cards that are in the game. This is a challenge because we have exactly 20 colors of tokens and there are exactly 20 company colors in the game! Unfortunately, the author of the game did not match the colors of the companies to the colors of our markers, so their matching is a real fun or an effort (it depends who likes what). An example is three companies whose cards have different shades of yellow, two gray companies, two black, etc …

My first match was based only on the colors that were on the stickers, while the certificates allow a slightly more perfect match.

Below you can see what the set looks like with perfectly matched tokens (as best as it is possible I think so). Of course, you can change this match freely, because maybe you have other criteria for combining card colors with our tokens?

By the way, I checked how 15mm markers fit, which were originally planned for use on the stock market, they are the same size as the markers that are in the game, but in my opinion, 12mm cylinders will be more handy here. So you can use cylinders on the stock market, and 15mm markers on the income table. If you want these 12 mm cylinders to have the other side, then you can use additional stickers that are left after stickering the station markers.

In this way our set turned out to be incredibly flexible, various elements you can use in previously unplanned ways, I did not expect that the final result would be so cool.

And the last thing: the set fits perfectly in the GMT tray, the tray also fits in the box, in this way the box is stuffed to the limit, but you do not have to sort the markers before playing.

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