1824 new set

Despite the fact that the game was released with a set of stickers and wooden tokens, we got requests from our customers who ask us to prepare our set of stickers for this title.

So here it is. A beautiful set of stickers with our wooden markers. All components use 15mm discs with a thickness of 5mm. What is the difference from the original release? In the original edition, markers for the stock exchange, for tracking income and for large part of the stations used 15mm cylinders with a height of 10mm. They were a little bulky.

This is a set for real geeks, but I know that there are many of them among our readers 😉

It also works with the old 1824 edition, where are light green tokens and if you want to order this set to the old edition, just add a note to your order and we will replace green tokens to light green ones.

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