1817 and 18MEX going into mass production

In the newest newsletter from All-Aboard Games, we get to know that 1817 and 18MEX will be mass produced! They can already be preordered on the updated publisher’s website.


The box covers were updated and “both games will have upgraded component quality like 18Chesapeake, including the wood token upgrade, cardboard tiles, and mini cards”.


In other news, the production off 18Chesapeake advances (the pre-production copy should be ready soon) and there is a new prototype available, 18NewEngland: “It is a partial capitalization game with no auctions in the base game; initial companies are selected by draft and companies are capitalized at par prices. Therefore, unlike some partial capitalization games where the leading companies snowball up, that won’t necessarily work so well here as those now expensive shares only capitalize for the lower par price”.

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