18xx news – Swedish (and not only) convention, Apache poker chips

Swedish (and not only) convention

One of our readers let me know that there is an 18xx convention in Sweden as well:

Maybe it is time for someone (hint, hint, nudge, nudge) to create an international calender for 18xx conventions?

In Sweden we will have a small 18xx convention this fall. It is run twice per year, for 3 days, and only 18xx is played. It is about 20 persons. This will be the 4th time that convetion is held.

Takes place in Växjö, in South East of Sweden, which is located 385 km (as bird flies) from Szczecin in Northern Poland. Now I don’t think the Växjö convention has had any visitors från abroad, but that might change if the convention continues.

Otherwise we do have 18xx rooms at two of the larger general games conventions in Sweden:
– GothCon, each easter in Göteborg, on the west coast of Sweden
– LinCon, during the Assencion holiday, in Linköping, 200 km southwest of Stockholm

Both these have around 2000 attenders, but only maybe 10-20 persons play 18xx. GothCon has been running since the 70s, and LinCon started 1984.

I will be running the 18xx room at LinCon 2020.

This convention will take place 6–8 of September in Växjö. More information in “18XX Tågspel Sverige” group on Facebook.

Probably it’s time (as he pointed out) to make a calendar of all 18xx events…

At least two other new cons are planned in Richland (USA) (23th–25th August), organised by Bankruptcy Club, and in Sydney (2nd November).


Apache poker chips


Apache will produce a new set of poker chips, designed with 18xx (and euro) games in mind.

The chips will cost around $.35 each and production will take around 5 months. Blank chips and chips with denominations will be available.
We can ship international and the cost will be $85 for up to 850 chips .
Before I proceed with the order I need to see demand for at least 30,000 chips.

Orders can be placed here.

Both BGG threads dedicated to them got deleted (probably due to advertising rules). If there is another way to order the chips, I will update this post.



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