New galleries in our store

We have recently added a few new sticker sets to our store, so I have made new galleries of them or I have refreshed those which have changed a bit.

What’s new?

1830 version from 2011 by the Mayfair (new gallery)
The previous gallery was very out of date and the stickers in it were from the first trial print. Currently, the quality of printing and cutting has been improved significantly so that is why we make this gallery once again.

1836 (new set)
The newest title from the Winsome Games. The set includes double-sided stickers for 10 local companies! There are the initials of the company on one side, (which are really difficult to find on the map), on the other side we have placed the numbers of these companies from 1 to 10 (the same as on their charters). We have already tested them and they were really a great help.
In this game, you can play either attached certificates of companies or you can use (during the game) certificates from 1830. If you want to use the second option, it is also worth using our set of stickers and tokens prepared for 1830. Howether in 1836 companies have more stations than in 1830, in the set of stickers for 1836 we added these disks and labels, which in 1830 are not enough. That’s not all, as 1830 appeared in 3 color versions so far, so in the set for 1836 there are stickers for each version of 1830!!!
Note: the first print was cut inaccurately and I had to return it to the printing house, the new one should be available within a few days.

1844 (update)
This is one of the largest sets and I currently print it as one part, so that there is no doubt about how it looks, I have refreshed the gallery.

1846 (upgrade)
Here I am ashamed to admit, because I have played this game several times, but in the set that I prepared, there were too many 15mm markers (1 too many for each company), and 12mm markers were missing (1 too little for each company). Because it can happen sometimes (very unlikely) that one company will take over 3 private companies and then it will have 3 additional stations, so we have prepared additional mini set with 7 stickers and 7 tokens, which we will add for free to those customers who already have this set.

1856 (upgrade)
In this set, there were only companies tokens so far. Recently, I received a suggestion from one of the readers to add to this set all other tokens: markers for ports, loans, order … Because there are 36 tokens total, those customers who already have this basic set (only with companies tokens) can purchase this set separately.

1870 (new set)
This is the second game of Bill Dixon, to which we have prepared a beautiful set of stickers (earlier 1856). Tokens intended for placement on the stock exchange are double-sided, there is a company mark on one side and the initials of companies on the other. The initials of companies are not always unambiguous, while the instruction sometimes refers to them, so I think that they will be useful for players.
In addition, this set contains all other tokens that are used in this game.

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